Why I'm so darn lucky...

As I travel back from my annual conference, I'm reflecting on so much... but mostly on how grateful I am that I said yes to coaching (the 2nd time I was asked! 😂 #skeptic). 

I absolutely just fell into this and therefore count myself as one of the lucky ones. Lucky because:

💚 The products are unparalleled in quality.
❤️ The company mission is profoundly important to our society. 
💙 The people in charge are beyond compare in terms of integrity & heart. 
💜 The other coaches I get to work with are the most unselfish, caring people I know. 
💛 I am filled with joy every day when I wake up because of the work I do as a coach. 

The best way to describe it is that we coaches get to do "heart work" every day! We aren't doctors but I think the work we do is just as important. 

Fixing a heart may extend a life but it won't make you happier. I guarantee coaching will do both!

Did this perk your interest a tad? Would you like to learn more about how coaching works? If so, CLICK HERE & let's have a conversation about it.