Get my favorite, simplest dinner recipes!

The picture below is one of the EASIEST as well as YUMMIEST dinners that I never knew about until I started my nutrition program 6 months ago. Sooooooooo simple!

And it's healthy to boot!!! #easyhealthyummy #winwinwin WOOHOO!

And of course you've noticed the wine.... Yes!!! When you are MOSTLY healthy, you can have a little wine! ;)

If you are super busy & hate spending time in the kitchen - yet you WANT to eat right - BUT you just can't plan meals days in advance & trying to follow a complicated recipe with a ton of ingredients that require measuring is just too exhausting after a long day, I'm sure you'll LOVE THIS...

👉 I'm creating a document that outlines my 5 favorite "GO TO" recipes for people who are dinner-challenged LIKE ME!!!

These recipes are pretty much my staples every week... It doesn't have to be complicated!!!
I have FOUND "nightly nirvana!" LOL! And I want to SHARE IT WITH YOU!

Just go to and enter your email address and the recipe page will pop up. #haveahealthyhumpday