First and foremost, I’m a lover of life and a glass is half full person.

Laurie Wright and her two grandchildren

I love to laugh and sprinkle around positivity as often as possible. I’m an extrovert and get energy from being around people, whether they are strangers or friends. One of my most important and favorite roles is that of mom. I have two fantastic, grown daughters who I’ve been lucky enough to parent, two wonderful sons-in-law, and four precious grandchildren, with a 5th on the way, to dote on.

I’m also blessed to be married to my soul mate who shares my love of life & laughter. I married him at age 50 but met him when I was 18! (That's another story!!!) We are currently parents to a long, haired Chihuahua who protects us from the animals on the tv. So far, he’s been successful!

In the fall and winter I plan my weekends around University of Virginia and Redskins football. (Good thing I focus on the positive, eh?!! In case you don't follow football, my teams tend to struggle but every year there is new hope. LOL!) I’m a big fan of the NCAA basketball tournament in the spring, and unlike football, my team (UVA) is crazy good!!! I also don’t miss a World Cup soccer game when either the USA men or women are playing. AND, I'm obsessed with the Olympics. I was super excited when they switched up to having them every 2 years!!! I guess I’m a bit sports obsessed, but my husband seems happy about it!

I’ve been known to watch a bit of reality tv. I’m an avid viewer of the music & dance competitions. I LOVE The Voice and So you Think You Can Dance - and am so excited American Idol is has returned - although I’ve never voted for any contestants. BUT, I never miss a show! Truth be told - I can't carry a tune & I have two left feet, but I love music and secretly wish I had the talent to compete at that level. Maybe in my next life!!!

The majority of my career (25+ years) has been in the project management field, but in early 2014, a new opportunity arose and I began training as a virtual health & fitness coach. 

Jumping - white bkgrd.jpg

Being a coach has, as I like to put it: “lit my soul on fire!” Kind of crazy to think how long it took to discover my purpose, but I’m here as your best example that it’s never too late to find work that makes your heart happy.

I love to be an inspiration to other middle-aged women so they have the courage to find passion & purpose through both mental & physical shifts.

In early 2019, I launched an online course & coaching program called “Make the Rest Your Best” where I guide my clients through a transformational process. My program helps them construct a vision for what they want and then develop a plan for reaching that vision. Many are feeling unfulfilled, perhaps because they’ve been too scared to change careers (like me) or because they’ve put other people’s priorities ahead of their own.

I wish I had found someone to help me navigate more quickly to my place of passion. But I believe I walked that journey so I could be where I am today helping others. And now my program will do EXACTLY THAT - move people more quickly to what they are meant to be doing... How full circle is that?!?!

Last but not least, I live in the beautiful state of Virginia, the best place in the country to experience all four seasons. Just when you are sick of one, another is right around the corner.

Just keepin’ it positive!!!    xxxooo