10 Days Ago My First Pull Up, Now My First Blog Entry!

fitness laughter Mar 10, 2014

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time but never really had a good enough reason… Something’s changed, though… Over the last 4 months, I’ve had a huge transformation and it’s not only changed my life, but it’s made me want to change other people’s lives. And in this day & age, the best way to do that is through a blog. My biggest fear is that people will find me boring and my subject matter blah. But as they say, you need to face your fears, and I am willing to take that risk if it means I can make a difference. I do have some comedy writing experience - I used to do an annual Christmas letter and it was quite the talk amongst my friends & family around the holiday season. (Maybe I’ll share an old letter in one of my blog postings….) And I do have a technical writing background so if I have to write a blog post that includes step-by-step procedures, I’m golden. My plan is to write about various topics that are important to me, and I hope will resonate with others my age. Sometimes it will simply be the musings of an aging baby boomer because the bottom line is, a lot of us are getting older and it sucks in so many ways. So I’d like to have a platform to talk about it. But take note: I’ll take wrinkles and gray hair over the alternative any day! And frankly, there are solutions for wrinkles (laser treatment, nip & tuck) and for gray hair, (hair dye, wigs). And some people forget there are a few pluses like not having a period anymore. That’s a biggie!!! (Give me a day or two to think of another one.) We are lucky to live in a time when there are lots of options for reversing the clock. BTW, does anyone have the phone number for Jane Fonda’s plastic surgeon? She looks AMAAAAZZZZZING! (Please don’t give me Priscilla Presley’s!!! Yikes!) So I will look for the positives and humor as I march forward proudly into the future.

I will also write about food & exercise, my two latest obsessions. Well, actually I’ve always had a food obsession which is why I’ve always had to exercise. But now it’s an obsession of eating the right things and in the correct portions. And I’ve taken my exercise to a whole new level… At 55, I just completed my first pull up!!!  Yes – a feat that has escaped my grasp since the 60s when I tried unsuccessfully to do one EVERY YEAR for the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. I can’t describe the excitement I felt as I ran through my house about 10 days ago saying “I did it, I did it, I did it – I did a pull up, Oh my God, Oh my God, I can’t believe it!!!!” Unfortunately I was talking only to myself, but it was out loud and I didn’t care that I was the only one hearing it. Fortunately I was able to repeat the feat for a friend who got it on video for the world to see. I carry it around on my iPhone and show it to everyone who gets stuck sitting next to me for more than 5 minutes. (And since reading my blog is kind of like sitting next to me, take a lookie.) I’m now working on 2 pull ups in a row & hoping it won’t take me another 55 years b/c the only pull up bars I’ll be looking at when I’m 110 will be in the bathtub in the Assisted Living home.

Bear with me as I delve into this whole blog writing adventure. I’m hoping the creative juices will begin flowing freely, and I’ll have lots of entertaining posts for you… (Don’t expect Ellen but I promise my posts will be better than watching paint dry.)


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