What Makes A Marriage Easy?

Many of my followers have heard my story of how my husband and I rekindled our relationship after being apart for 27 years.

Some day I'll write a book, as many have suggested, but until then, I'll keep documenting our continuing story through blog posts like this.

We just surpassed a big milestone - our 10th wedding anniversary! We celebrated by taking a fabulous 3 night trip to the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. (If you've never been there, GO! You can check it out here: https://www.greenbrier.com/)

It's hard to believe 10 years has passed so quickly, and easily! By this point in my first marriage, I had already been through a very rocky period and several visits to a therapist. When I compare the past 10 years to the first 10 of my last marriage, this one has been a breeze and it just keeps getting better. 

People say marriage takes hard work. Well, I don't buy that because that hasn't been the case for me! I worked REALLY HARD in my first marriage, spent a lot of time in therapy, invested 25 years of my life, and it still failed. The 2nd time around, I've needed no therapy or had to apply any hard work to keep it together. It's really kind of crazy how easy-breezy it's been!

Marriage should NOT be hard work!!! It should be EASY!!! But it will only be easy if you have a great & equal love between 2 people, a love that you never want to let go of.... And THAT, my friends, is the simplest and best way to make it not hard.

A good indicator it's that kind of love is when you want to write poems about it!!! LOL!

Yep! Little known truth about me... My husband brings out the writer in me! He makes me want to express my feelings on paper! I don't know why but I've never done that with any other man in my life. But with him around, the words flow so easily out of me.

Back in 1979, I wrote him a poem. It was the corniest poem EVER, but he saved it. It meant something... Because he could read the passion I felt between the lines.

Twenty seven years later, after we reconnected, he handed it to me. What an experience THAT was!!! Reading those heartfelt words from my youth and remembering what I felt for him and knowing I still felt the same way.

So guess what I did for him for our anniversary?

I wrote him a love letter. No corny rhymes this time but with just as much passion.

I chose that as his gift because I felt, at this age, he & I are lucky enough to have all we need so what better present could I give than to give him the gift of words from my heart?

If he still has my poem from 40 years ago, I figure he'll hang onto this one for awhile!


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