A Tribute to my Best Furry Friend, Dobby

family love my pets Jan 15, 2020

This will be one of my toughest posts to date, but it's one that is necessary. It's intention is not to make you sad but to share with you the light that this amazing creature brought into my life.

And when the grief gets better, I will smile every time I reat this post....

The Story of Dobby

Dobby, named after the elf in Harry Potter (in case you didn't get that!), was born on 6/1/04, and he came into our lives in September of that year quite by accident.

You see, I was always a lover of big dogs... when I was a kid, I dreamed of having Lassie. But when I grew up, I didn't end up with a Collie. I found a breed even better - big like Lassie, with long hair like Lassie and super smart like Lassie - a Bernese Mountain Dog.

I got my first BMD when I was 22 years old. He was my first child. Over the next 23 years, we raised 3 BMDs from pups. But after our 3rd died from a devastating disease, I was shaken and I made the decision that the next time, I wanted a small dog because I wanted to have more time with my pet.

At that time, my youngest daughter, who was in college, adopted a long-haired chihuahua, and when he was around a year old, she did a semester abroad so we babysat. And proceeded to fall in love.

When she returned from her semester and we had to hand him back, it was at that moment, we decided to contact the breeder where he came from and take the Chihuahua plunge.

The breeder had a website where you could look up the available puppies so we took a look and found the cutest little black & white one and scheduled our appointment to come and pick him up.

When we arrived at the breeder's house, full of wonderful puppies, we sat down on the floor to meet our new guy. He was super sweet but very timid.

As fate would have it, as we were sitting there trying to connect with our new pup, another larger puppy kept running around us, super friendly and wanting to play. He caught my eye. We connected. And I realized, it's him I want to take home.

The breeder explained he was older (4 months) because his ears hadn't popped up yet and that is considered a defect with Chihuahuas, but she told me it can take up to 8 months for them to pop. (Great sales technique!) So we got him for a bit of a discount.

Over time, one ear popped but one ear stayed lazy but that's ok because it made him special, like he was always winking. 😉

We brought him home that day and never regretted that decision once. In fact, I feel so lucky that the universe intervened and I got him instead of the little B&W one. He has been the best, sweetest, happiest, friendliest little guy you'd ever want to meet.

So my Chihuahua adventure began... seems like just yesterday. But this week it ended when we had to say goodbye to little sweet Dobby. 😭

And the pain that I dreaded & tried to avoid with getting a smaller dog is here again. And I think it's even harder. Maybe because he's been with me so long... 15 years and 4 months.

Thank you Dobby for being such a great friend and sidekick. I'll never forget you and all of your little cute quirks & habits.

  • the way you loved to nuzzle up against me under the covers.
  • the way you used to sit next to me, always on my left side, as I sat on the couch working on my computer.
  • the way you loved to hop into your doggie backpack and go shopping with me.
  • the way you used to lie in front of the fire until your fur was burning hot.
  • the way you loved chewing on furry squeak toys, but had no interest in bouncy balls like your furry friend Oliver.
  • the way you got so excited when you heard my daughters' names when I would tell you they were coming to visit.
  • the way you loved to sit in your doggie carseat and go on trips with me.
  • the way you hated to go to the kennel & made me feel awful to leave you.
  • the way you got upset when you saw our suitcases as we were packing for a trip.
  • the way you never, ever complained, even when you had 3 separate surgeries and ultimately lost all of your teeth.
  • the way your little tongue hung out of your mouth after your last surgery.
  • the way you barked at any animal on the tv as if they were a threat to your family.
  • the way you never barked or growled at anyone, except the tv. (The vets & groomers you saw were always so incredulous with how sweet you were.)
  • the way you adored your buddy Oliver, my daughter's dog, but were so persnickety about other dogs.
  • the way you loved to run around the house in a big circle.
  • the way you always perked up to look when we were driving if I pointed out a dog, cow, or horse.
  • the way you hung out on the couch in the basement with me until I finished doing my workout.
  • the way you accepted your new daddy when I brought you with me into my new marriage 10 years ago.
  • the way you weaseled into your new daddy's heart and made him, who'd never had a pet or children of his own, a believer in unconditional love.

I know the pain will subside but you will remain a great imprint on my life. The wonderful memories, experiences & deep love we shared will remain in my heart & mind forever.

My greatest hope is that you are once again playing with Oliver and are with my other great loves (Burkie, Ziggy, & Chewy) who I'm sure welcomed you with big BMD kisses.


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