AHA Moments to Inspire You!

inspiration midlife Nov 12, 2019

I've found my 2nd half, the backside of life as they say, to be the upside, not the downslide we tend to dread when we are younger.

And for that reason, it's my passion to help others get excited about this phase... to have hope and excitement for the adventures to come, whatever they may be! 🌈

So I put together a free workshop called Midlife MOJOO Mastery to teach women how to uplevel their 2nd half and I love seeing all of the AHA moments from the women who are participating... 🥰

Here are a few from the 1st of 3 trainings:

"Eureka - Never underestimate someone's capacity for growth - The 2nd half is the best part of life. Thanks Laurie!"

"I don’t know how I ran across you.... but I feel The universe had a hand in it. I just made a post the other day how I have devoted the last 29 years (well still am) to being a mom. That my twins graduated and I’m a somewhat empty nester. I have a daughter with special needs who is at home for now till she goes back to college. But I have been wondering where that wild, carefree living girl went!! I’ve been everything to someone else, that I forgot to take care of me and what I love to do. So here I am at age 57 trying to figure out what the next chapter holds!! I can’t wait to level up! 💕💕"

"I’ve been burying my head in the sand afraid to move forward. For every action there is a reaction choice is included. No reaction no result. I need to step out of my little shelter and become that beautiful butterfly / Aromatherapist / Nutritionist."

"On Sunday I had an aha moment about starting my new step up. Getting back into shape have been exercising and watching what I eat since then. It's about baby steps."

"still in the mom/grandmother mode and its holding me back."

"if you don’t start now, when will you?"

"I need to find my passion it’s there ! ❤️"

"<Being a mom> It’s like you have been on a 25 year vacation <from yourself>!! Exactly! For me 22 years. A friend asks me what my passion is, what would I like to do and I honestly don’t have an answer. Looking forward to finding my passion!"

"My desire and dream was to open a tea shop I see it in my minds eye every time I speak on it ,but have never taken the leap my son recently suggested I do a pop up like at a party and see if it is something I would instead of a brick and mortar !!!"

Aren't these AHAs great?!?! 🤯👏🏻I love AHA moments because that's when your inner voice is speaking to you and you are listening!


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