An Unremarkable Boy

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2014

One thing I love about having a blog is that I get to share cool things that I think will inspire and make a difference. I had an experience last week that fits the bill so I just have to share it. It’s about the journey of an unremarkable boy. My husband and I attended the dedication of the new Strome Business School and Entrepreneurial Center at our alma mater, Old Dominion University. We were invited by Mark Strome, who was my husband’s college roommate in the 70s, and his wife, Tammy. Mark had recently given the university a large financial gift.

It was super cool to be back at the place where we all met and began our friendships. Many of our college buddies were there as was Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Virginia Senator Mark Warner, a good friend of Mark’s. We literally got the presidential treatment, watching an ODU football game from the President’s Suite in the company of the ODU President and his wife.

We were even treated to a halftime show that included a streaker who decided to run naked across the length of the end zone right in front of our suite. It was especially appropriate given the fact that Mark related a story during his speech about a streaking experience he had at ODU almost 40 years before. (I’m still wondering if the streaker was planned but just wasn’t added to the printed itinerary.)

Although the pomp and circumstance was fun and exciting, what sticks in my mind as the most memorable moments are seeing the college roommates together again and hearing them reminisce about their beginnings as young adults and the impact that experience has had on their lives. Mark touched on it in his speech. I could never do his speech justice by just pulling text snippets to include here so I got ahold of the real deal and included it below so you can watch it in its entirety. (It's only 11 minutes long and well worth the time.)

I know his mom and sister were proud. He had them in tears. Actually he had most of us in tears! And I know his dad, who played a major role in his life, was looking down from above with pure joy. Little did ODU know back when they took a chance on Mark that he would grow up to be so remarkable.

As I pondered on his speech, I came to the realization that those who end up remarkable are often those who felt unremarkable like Mark. And I think the reverse is also true… Those who feel remarkable end up unremarkable! Funny how that works!!!

Please do me a favor & take the time to watch the speech and comment below with your thoughts. If you get something out of it, share this blog post with others in the hopes they will also be inspired.

The college roomies back together again:

College Roomies


Click here to watch Mark's speech.



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