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Announcing My Fourth Grandchild Matthew Harrison Wallace!

aging family health love Aug 03, 2018

I can’t believe ­­it’s the first day of August!!! July was a very BIG MONTH for me... but perhaps an even bigger month for my youngest daughter as she & her husband welcomed their firstborn!

I became a grandmother for the 4th time on July 12th which means I now have 3 grandsons and one granddaughter - and yet another birthday to remember!!! LOL! 

In case you missed him on my social media, here is the handsome Mathew Harrison Wallace, Jr. He is destined for dimples because both of his parents have them! 


I feel so blessed that my children have had easy births and healthy children. #knockonwood

Not only did I welcome a new grandchild but I also had my 3 older grandchildren come for a visit this month. In fact, they just left last Saturday! I was responsible for the 19 month old for just a couple of nights so I wasn’t on "watch-him-like-a-hawk" duty for too long. He is into everything and moves quite fast so it was exhausting. But he sleeps well and has a great disposition so I enjoyed every minute I had with him. One night he slept over 13.5 hours!!!

Once the 19 month old left, my husband and I were able to do a few "older kids" adventures! I think the one that topped the list was our trip to Virginia’s Drive-Thru Safari Park in Natural Bridge, VA. If you are ever in Virginia, around the Lexington/Roanoke area, you must make a stop there.

The park is quite nice with all kinds of different animals. You can buy feed which is put into big white buckets that you then hold in both hands while sitting in your car. The animals come over to your car & stick their heads in through the windows to eat. The rules are: do not roll up your window when an animal is near. So if an animal is aggressively eating, your only alternative is to try to drive away!!! Pretty crazy!

A huge Buffalo grabbed my white bucket - which was almost empty & probably frustrating him - right out of my hands. The messiest animals were the ostriches who spilled food pellets all over the place! There were also zebras, rhinoceroses, camels and giraffes but those animals were not roaming freely & did not approach our car, thank goodness!

The park includes a cute walk-about zoo with monkeys, penguins, reptiles, kangaroos, warthogs, and a "budgie" enclosure where you can get up close & personal with little, colorful parakeets. The kids loved it! There were lots of giggles had by all – especially Nannie & Grampie!!!

We also had lots of carbs and very few veggies which means Nannie gained 4 pounds! But I’m not worried since I know how to take them off easily with the 2B Mindset nutrition plan I’ve adopted over the past 6 months. I love that I no longer feel guilty when I have a treat or two. It is so freeing!

The worst part of my summer was the "parainfluenza" virus that sidelined me for 6+ weeks. This virus manifests itself in one’s vocal chords so I lost my voice and then was told not to talk by my doctor. Me not talk? Right. I think it was the longest illness I’ve ever had to deal with.

Being sick like that makes one appreciate being healthy!!! Now that I’m back to my normal self, I’ve started a new workout program – the one I talked about in my last newsletter – called LIIFT4. I started very slow with low weights since I was still not 100% but as I enter my 3rdweek, I’m feeling amazing! And I’ve already started increasing my weights and am feeling my strength return!

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