Be the Flower that Stands Out in Life

motivational Aug 08, 2015

Today I came upon this wonderful Facebook post (see it beneath picture of flower below) from my fellow coach and friend Heidi Riter and thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell you a little about Heidi because this flower is a perfect example of the person Heidi is. Heidi always brings a smile to my face. I'm not sure how she found me but I'm so glad she did. On June 6th, I got a random email from her titled "looking for a coach." We chatted a couple of times before she made the decision to hop on board and begin coach training.

Heidi has a debilitating disease called Multiple Sclerosis but you'd never know it from her cheery attitude and uplifting presence. She has struggled with it since her teens. When we first talked, she questioned whether she could be a coach. She wanted to help others, but she was concerned she didn't "look" like a health & fitness coach. The voices in her head were telling her she couldn't.

She doesn't have a weight loss story to share. No Before & After pictures. She can't do many of the exercises in the workouts. BUT what she DOES have is so much more important as a coach...

She has a huge HEART for helping people. She has a deep DESIRE to make a difference. She has a strong WORK ETHIC. She is OPEN to learning and growing as a person. And she is a great ENCOURAGER.

Heidi has not had an easy road but you'd never know it. Her determination and spirit are contagious. I am lucky to call her my friend. And I can't wait to see all of the lives she helps transform as a coach.

Heidi is a FORCE!!! I am so thankful she picked me as her mentor! And I thank her for always being the bright flower in the garden of life!

Daisy from garden

Heidi's Post:

"I learned a lesson from my flower garden this morning. 

Why would I share this picture of tired daisies at the end of the season? Well, after I took this picture, I realized there was a HUGE lesson for all of us right here.

We all have weathered some difficult days... heat, storms, disappointment, etc. ..

Let's be like this single daisy giving our all. Let's smile, show kindness and brighten the day for everyone to see."


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