Before and After - My Shower!

motivation Oct 03, 2017

Before and After - my shower!!!

I shared the photo below in my private fitness accountability group this morning. (I reserve the BEST for them! 😂)

But then I got to thinking about how we all like to show our "highlight reel" to the world. We are so afraid of judgement and not living up to some stupid standard we've invented in our crazy minds. So we hide the real stuff.

It's basically because we want people to like us!!! But of course they won't like us if we wear glasses or have a pimple (although I'm too old to get those anymore!) or have too many wrinkles or have old age spots on our arms (These have replaced the pimples!) or look fat in our outfit or our hair is messed up from sweat or just not washing it for a few days....

Why are we so afraid to JUST BE and share THAT?!!!

Our egos are so powerful. They make us think and do crazy things. I understand it but that doesn't mean I can easily quiet it.

It made me post the picture below in black and white because the color one was just too awful!!! 😳 And that was with people who I'm pretty sure already like me so I should know they will accept whatever I look like.

The struggle for acceptance, while being your authentic self, is real. Just know it's a battle I fight every day, but I work hard to be as real as possible. And when I am, it feels DAMN GOOD!!! 💃🏻💪


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