Bernese Mountain Dogs - Best Dog Ever!

laughter Jul 09, 2016

I had a GREAT day yesterday because I got to spend it playing with a Bernese Mountain Dog!!! Meet Bella, the therapy dog who came to visit my mom's assisted living facility. I made a point to be there for this activity! I thought my mom, who loves dogs too, would love it but I think I loved it more.

I used to have Berners several years ago. I had 3 of them from 1982 - 2003. My first lived to 12 years old, my second to 10 and my third died of a horrible intestinal disease at 3 1/2.

When I lost my last one, it about killed me. So I decided to switch to a small dog so I'd have a longer time with him. My long-haired chihuahua is now 12 years old... And shows no signs of slowing down.

So... while my reasoning of moving to a smaller dog has paid off, I miss my Berners so much. They are the BEST dogs EVER!!! And I hope one day I can own another one. If you're looking for the perfect pet, check them out. They are loving, kind, smart, happy, beautiful and love children. The only negative is that they shed.

And they don't get the selfie thing!!!! She was more interested in playing than getting a picture!

Bernese Mountain Dog


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