Block Party Success

family midlife story Aug 15, 2017

Block party success!!! ✅

I just have to give major kudos to my hubby for an awesome neighborhood party we just hosted at our house.

I love how he loves people and takes the bull by the horns to make something happen. My whole life I've always been the DOER but sometimes you just want someone else to take the reins.

He planned this whole party. He asked me to do the flyer bc he's challenged with technology but he told me what to put on it.

Then he hand delivered the flyer to every single person. If they weren't home, he went back. He wanted them to have an in-person invite.

He never asked me what we should eat. He planned it all. He ordered it all. He paid for it all. And it was delicious!!!!

They all just left and they said over and over how wonderful it was that we got together and let's do it again soon.

It was an awesome time! But it's all because of him. And I love him for it. ❤️❤️❤️

Now it's time to wine with my favorite guy!!!!


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