Brain Fart #997

laughter Jun 12, 2016

Yet another brain fart in the busy mind of Laurie!!! LOL! Here's the latest: When I went to look for my new contact lenses on Friday night, they weren't where I normally keep them. You know that sick feeling you get when you know you have really screwed up?!!! That was me! All Friday night and Saturday morning. I just bought a new 6 month's supply, and I was thinking that my mistake was going to cost me about $500! UGH!!!

I thought maybe I overlooked them so I decided to clean out my bathroom cabinets. Nope! Not there. Then I searched my car. Maybe they fell under the seat. Nope! Not there.

Then I thought there was a small chance I left them at the eye doctor's office. But wouldn't they have called me when they realized that ditzy lady left her bag? Well no harm in trying, right?

OMGGGEEEE! Guess what?!!! They were there!!! I could have kissed that woman on the phone if she had been there in person. Yes, Queen of Brain Farts had left her bag at the office. Why I did not notice when I got home, I have no idea....

As my husband says: I have too much going on inside my head! It must be all those marbles rolling around!!! LOL!!!

The good news, besides finding my contacts, is that I have a very clean and orderly bathroom cabinet!

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