Celebrating Dads

family Jun 19, 2016

Today is a day for celebrating dads and I have 5 to celebrate... First, and foremost, my dad, Norman Donald Colvin, also known as "The Donald." I can't tag him because he's in heaven, but I'm confident he'll be aware of my message.

My dad taught me many things... to shoot a gun, to play a mean game of badminton, to fly an airplane, and best of all, to laugh a lot. He'll been gone 9 years this week. He died suddenly & it was a shock, but I choose to remember the 72 years he lived gloriously.

Happy Father's Day daddy! I'm so glad when God was choosing a dad for me, I got you!!! You made life fun!

Second, I wish a Happy Father's Day to my ex-husband, Mike Hill. Although we are no longer married, we remain friends, and I am so thankful he was the father of my children. He was always there for them and made them a priority. They turned out well and a big part of that, is due to his influence and example.

Third, I wish a Happy Father's Day to my husband, Mike Wright, who never had his own kids because he married late in life & chose me, a 50 year old whose eggs had done dried up! LOL!!! But he inherited 2 adult daughters who he has welcomed as his. I love how, at Christmas time, he goes out shopping on his own to get them special gifts. He never asks for advice. He picks what he thinks they'll like, and they love that gesture.

Fourth, I wish a Happy Father's Day to my first son-in-law, Ben, husband to my oldest daughter, Nikki, and dad to my two grandchildren and soon-to-be third. I couldn't have asked for a better daddy for my grandkids. He was able to retire from corporate life last year and is now fortunate to be a stay-at-home dad. He has played a key part in raising them to be sweet and well-behaved. I love watching their little family grow & thrive.

And last but not least, I wish a Happy Father's Day to my second son-in-law, Matt, husband to my youngest daughter, Kori, and dad to my fur grandson, Oliver. Matt accepted Oliver as his own when he met Kori 10 years ago. You know a guy is a keeper when he willingly carries a poop bag! And we all know our fur babies are as important as our human babies, at least before the human babies arrive!!! And they are excellent practice!

To all the other dad's out there, I hope you have a great day and spend it just the way you want!!! Us women know you all come from Mars, but you make us happy, and we couldn't live without you. <3

My Dad:

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