Celebrating Love!

family motivational Jul 03, 2016

Today I'm celebrating LOVE!!! A true, deep, and abiding love… A love that has endured… Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. And it marks the day I took a big risk. 7 years ago I chose to go with my heart and take a HUGE leap of faith at this thing called love. It wasn’t my first rodeo…

To say the last 7 years have been easy would be a lie… I mean, seriously, I married a 52 year old bachelor!!!! What was I thinking?!!! He did not instantly turn into this perfect husband who made life easy.

I had previously been married for 25 years so I was someone who was comfortable in the sharing department.

Husband V2 had never heard of the word compromise. He had never uttered the words “Can I get you something while I’m at the grocery store?” He was used to drinking his milk straight from the carton. (Yes! I married a man who had been essentially living in a cave!!!)

But, we had a deep and serious LOVE that helped us get through those rough early years. Our love has withstood the test of time… It goes way, way, back.

We dated in the late 70s…. We were college sweethearts. I fell head of heels in love. But after 2 years together and a couple of heart-wrenching break-ups, I moved on. I wanted different things in life – marriage and children. He wanted to play rugby and sew his wild oats.

I did what I thought was best at the time. I met someone else who was ready for the same things I was. We were compatible. And so I jumped, getting married with my recent breakup only a few months behind me.

By our 3rd anniversary, we had 2 daughters. I was ecstatic!!! The family I’d always wanted! But deep in the recesses of my mind (or more specifically: my heart) was this memory. This memory of a love that was so deep and so intense that it never completely died.

I was very successful at suppressing those feelings for many years. I had a full and rich life, moving up the corporate ladder, running my girls to soccer games, and doing my best to keep up with the Joneses as we upgraded to a new and bigger home every year, bought more luxurious cars and even a couple of airplanes. As I look back, it was a very material life that was missing the very deep connection that a relationship needs to survive.

Material things can keep you going for only so long… Then one day you wake up and realize, that’s not what’s important. I want something more. And you realize, if I wait much longer, it’s gonna be too late.

So I made the hardest decision of my life… and the scariest. To leave the comfort of what I knew and a situation that many would think was wonderful… And dive into the unknown… a scary place full of possible face plants and failures on a supreme level.

I got the whispers from the neighbors and the eyebrow raises from acquaintances. They thought I was nuts. But I decided to do what was best for ME. I felt it was better to move forward into the unknown and see what the world had to offer rather than to sit in a stuck place where I wasn’t really living a life I loved.

Even though my kids were grown, it was a difficult choice. I felt like I had failed them. And as adults, I know they questioned whether I was doing the right thing. Even though I felt I had failed them, I also realized that I was showing them strength of character and that no one is responsible for your life and how it turns out but YOU!!!

So, I made a phone call to that long, lost love. I had heard through the grapevine that he had not married. (You’d think that would’ve been enough to send some red flags a flying!!!) Our first phone call was 45 minutes long… We met for lunch shortly thereafter. We sat there for almost 7 hours straight! (Our poor waitress!)

I wasn’t sure he’d ever propose… No one thought he would. But he told me that if he ever had a 2nd chance with me, he wouldn’t let me go. And I felt the same. I was patient. He was the one. He was always the one. It just took us awhile to find our way.

I have no regrets. And I truly feel if I had to live my life over again, I would have chosen to do all of the same things the EXACT same way. I am who I am because of the path I’ve walked and the people who have been in my life. I am better for it.

So today is a walk down memory lane for me - a day to remember the path that led me here. I feel so blessed and happy to be where I am today, in a relationship that is deeply fulfilling, with a guy who makes me laugh every day and who I know loves me like no other.

There is no 7-year itch. It just keeps getting better… (or he’s getting too tired to fight it!!!) Bring on year 8. We are more than ready!!!

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