Do You Ever Wonder: What If?

I ask because I think a lot of us at midlife think back to choices we made when we were younger and wonder about how our life would have been different had we made different decisions.

If that is you, STOP! You can't do a darn thing about your past!!!

What you have is TODAY and the only thing you can do is to focus on the choices you make RIGHT NOW!

I could look at this picture and wonder what if I hadn't broken up with him back on 12/28/79?... (Yes! I remember the specific date!) What if I had decided to get back together with him when he called me 6 months later? What if I had been patient and not rushed into another relationship and married someone else?

Well, we'll never know the answer to those questions. And that's ok.

Because I choose to believe that I was meant to be with my first husband, and he was meant to be the father of my amazing daughters. I had to learn whatever lessons that part of my life taught me. And my life had to go a certain way before that cute guy in the photo and I found our way back to each other.

We are only together today, happily married for almost 11 years, because one day a "What if?" that popped into my head became too strong to ignore. It overpowered me and because I didn't want to live with any regret - which is really what a "What if" is - I took action.

I made a choice.

I couldn't change my past but I could change my present. So I googled his name, got his phone number, and called him. And he just happened to be available!!!

So today I say to you... If your inner voice is saying "What if?", take action on it!

Whatever IT is!


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