Do You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?

motivation Dec 13, 2018

What your typical reaction is to making a decision? Do you follow your head or do you follow your heart?

The reason I ask is because I am in the process of trying to make a big decision. And my typical response went to my head because I've been more of a head person most of my life. But I need to follow my heart and that's what you should do. I've learned that the hard way.

I want to share a couple of reasons about why it’s so important to follow your heart.

I’ve always been attracted to the Law of Attraction ever since I first heard about it on the Oprah show about 15 years ago. But I really started understanding what it meant and applying it to my own life within the last, five years.

I used to pride myself on the fact that I followed my head and not my heart because I thought that was what really makes you the most happy - you gotta do what makes the most sense right? You gotta do what the brain says to do!

I remember walking down the aisle when I married my first husband thinking “This is the right thing to do. I know this person is a great person and this person is going to make a great husband and he is going to make a great dad.”

But I really wasn't following my heart… I did love him. And I loved the idea of having a long & wonderful marriage. And I loved him in a way that I thought would last a lifetime, but there was always something missing.

It was passion. It was true love. And in my heart there was something else - someone else who had preceded him and I was denying those feelings. This scenario happens to a lot of us I think. We marry because we WANT it to work. We WANT the happy ending. But some of us end up forcing it.

My marriage lasted 25 years and it was pretty good for a lot of those years. We struggled some but all marriages do and we were able to stick it out with marriage counseling. But, at age 47, I finally threw in the towel which was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done in my entire life. But I made a decision and I acted on the decision And for the first time in my life I followed my heart.

I find my pattern is to go to my head to talk myself out of the things my heart is telling me to go for. And I’ve come to realize that my head is playing safe. It is choosing to live inside the box. The path my heart is taking me is often the scarier one, outside of the box.

But over time, I’ve learned my heart is always right, and I need to put on my “big girl” panties, step outside the box, and face my fear. It is truly glorious outside of the box. But you don’t know that until you get there!

Your heart IS synonymous with your gut. When you have a sick feeling or, in the opposite extreme, “butterflies” in your stomach, it is your inner voice trying to tell you something. It is your inner voice working to get you into alignment with who you are meant to be.  

I did the EXACT same thing with my career as I did with my marriage. I ignored my heart and I followed my head.

I was told that what I really wanted to do wouldn’t make me any money. That it’s depressing work. I wanted to be a social worker and help people.

So I was in college trying to decide what to major in and I said to myself: “Okay, well I don't know what I'm going to do, so I'll do what my parents do.“ So I chose Education and decided I’d to become a teacher. Except once I had a chance to student teach, I hated it. So I dropped out of college and became a waitress. Not following my heart certainly didn’t work with that choice.

Then I sort of fell into the computer industry, using my English skills as a Technical Writer. I was a high achiever who excelled at her job and I began to make really good money. Like, REALLY GOOD money. Six figure money!

But did that really make me happy? No. I mean I was proud of the work I did and that I was rewarded for it but I was not fulfilled. I always felt like a fish out of water.

I thought that money would make me happy. But after 25 years building my career in the computer industry, I decided to try something different and listen to my heart. My heart/gut was calling me in another direction. I guess 25 years is a pattern with me! LOL! It takes me 2.5 decades to realize I need to get out of the box I’ve been sitting in!!!

Now I’m again at a fork in the road where my head is saying one thing but my heart is saying another. Which way do I go? Do I go this way? Or I go that way? Why do I even need to ask that question? Isn’t my experience a good enough teacher?

But it’s SCARY!!! :o

Yes it is… But I now know that after fear comes the rewards. And everything will be fine because the universe is ALWAYS working for us especially when our actions are leading us closer to our purpose.

So this time, I am sticking with my heart. It hasn’t let me down yet. The more I follow it, the more fulfilled, joyful and at peace I feel.

This is real world stuff. My mistakes. But they have made me who I am and now are allowing me to help other people navigate their way through similar changes.

My advice is to always listen to your heart. If your head is telling you something different, stop and take time to figure it out. Don’t rush into a decision. Your heart is your inner guide to true fulfillment. Don’t deny it!


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