Do you have obsessive traits?

motivation Jul 07, 2017

Do you have obsessive traits?

I think it's interesting that obsession is generally frowned upon as a negative. When you hear someone is obsessed, what comes to mind? A crazy person who is out of control, right?

When I was a little girl, I had what I now know is OCD. It was not a thing then so even if I told anyone, no one would have done anything about it probably. And I eventually outgrew it - to a degree.

My mind was constantly consumed with really crazy thoughts, like making sure I didn't turn completely around, (if I turned around to the left, I had to quickly turn back to the right), I had to close my dresser drawers on an even number, I could not inhale in certain situations (if I didn't like someone or something, I had to exhale when I looked at it/them)... Kind of nutty, eh?

I kept these rituals and thoughts to myself although I did exhibit one I remember in particular: I asked my mother the same 3 questions every night before I went to bed. I even remember a couple of them... One was: "Will I live to tomorrow?" I think another was: "Will I die in my sleep?"

Odd, right? It got to the point where my mom would come in my bedroom to tuck me in and say: "Yes, No, Yes!" Thank goodness she just played along until I finally stopped.

As I got older, these thoughts dissipated, thank goodness, and were replaced by what I'll call Type A behaviors: striving to be the best, do my best, and excel at everything I did. I was called a workaholic and stopping to relax was something I still have a hard time doing.

Recently someone suggested I read a book called "Be Obsessed or Be Average" by Grant Cardone, and wow, do I love his take on obsession!!!!

"The next time someone starts labeling your obsession an illness, a problem, or some aberration, tell them, "I'm not afflicted, I'm gifted."

Unfortunately, most people never figure out what they are really obsessed with, because they've been taught to deny their obsessions. Don't let that be you. Find something, anything, that you are obsessed with. It doesn't matter what it is right now, because you are just going to take the urges, momentum, and fixation on that thing and redirect them.

Maybe you're obsessed with fantasy football and spending too much time on it. Okay. Or maybe you are obsessed with one particular relationship that is destructive. Fine. 

This only goes to prove you could be obsessed with something else too. Maybe your obsession is Candy Crush or online poker or playing chess on the street with old men. 

Even if you are obsessed with things you know can in no way produce greatness in your life, it doesn't matter at this moment. What matters at first is realizing you have the capacity to be obsessed."

So I am standing here today ready to tell the world, I AM AN OBSESSIVE PERSON and damn proud of it!!! And this means I am capable of doing great things! I have THE JUICE!!!

What about you? Share your obsession(s)! I'd love to hear them and congratulate you! #obsessorsunite <3


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