Dream It and Believe In It!

life advice motivation Oct 24, 2020

It looks so simple... Just a small patio with a built-in fireplace.

But it’s a dream I’ve had for a long time...

It’s in the vision I recorded last spring and listen to every day.

My husband kept saying “no”- we didn’t need it.

But never let anyone squash your dreams! I sure didn’t!!!

I kept listening to that vision every day. And believing he’d eventually come around.

And then the universe delivered an opportunity... I was challenged by one of my coaches to commit to something I desired. To make it happen!

The funny thing is... it’s so easy to talk ourselves out of something because it’s silly or extravagant or you shouldn’t spend the money..

But why not make it EASY to step into being the Dream Maker? Why not?!?!

Why wait?

We only have today.

If you desire something, go after it with complete faith that the universe WANTS it for you too.

If you operate in alignment with goodness and abundance, all you dream of, or something even better, will show up as reality in your life.

Yesterday my fire pit dream became my reality! 🔥🤸‍♂️🥰 And my husband is finally ALL IN on it! 😮🙌👏


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