Embracing the Christmas Season!

love midlife story Dec 02, 2020

Part 2 (Decorating) is DONE!!! Phew!

Now I can sit back and enjoy it!!! Although I’ve been looking at it up and lit for 5 days! 😂😂😂 Because just getting it up all by myself was quite a feat...

My husband did hand me one ornament that I dropped while on the ladder... but since it’s a time-lapsed video, you may not have caught him.
(He just had hernia surgery hence it’s ALL ME this year but decorating is not his idea of fun anyway.)

I love pulling out each ornament, many of them now close to 40 years old. 😲

There are ornaments I got as a wedding gift in 1981, ornaments my now 36 and 38 year old daughters made when in pre-school, ornaments from trips I’ve gone on with both husbands (maybe that’s why my husband doesn’t like decorating!!! lol!), ornaments from parties I’ve attended, and ornaments from friends.

Every ornament I hang has a special memory and I remember them all when I do this annual ritual.

Some people have beautiful trees with matching ornaments and a color theme and while I love those and sometimes think I’d love a tree like that, I could never not have my “memory” tree.

Some of the ornaments are beat up and many would consider not worthy of a spot on a Christmas tree but I can’t bring myself to throw any of them away. They are my treasures!

How old is your oldest ornament? 🎄


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