Embracing the White Legs!

aging health laughter May 02, 2016

Do you have a body part or attribute you wish was different? For me, I've never liked how pasty white my skin is... Why is it we are never satisfied with what we got? I remember wishing I had skin like my sister. She had the olive skin that tanned so beautifully. I got the skin that would blind you by its whiteness and burns after 10 minutes in the sun... which I ignored and now have a zillion brown spots b/c of that stupidity!

I am happy I got blue eyes & long eyelashes so my strategy is if I smile big enough and bat my eyelashes, people won't notice my pasty white legs!!! LOL!!!! ‪#‎capriseason‬‪#‎embracethewhitelegs‬

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

5-2-16 Capri pants - white legs


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