Starting 2021 With Intention

Do you pick a word to represent the coming year?

I think it’s a fantastic practice to help the brain connect to a consistent way of being that is a reflection of my desires over the next 12 months.

This is the 3rd year I’ve done it and I’ll share it but first I’ll share my last 2...

At the beginning of 2019, right after I decided to leave my network marketing business and branch out on my own, investing in a high value (and expensive 😲) coaching program, my word was BRAVE.

And I was...

In January of 2020, as I was midway through my NeuroCoaching certification program and applying the mindset techniques I was learning, I picked the word ELEVATE, knowing I had to do just that to be a difference-maker in the world.

And I did...

This year I chose the word SILENCE because in order to get to the next level I desire, I must go inward.

Less busyness, which is my tendency as a person with workaholic, high achieving tendencies, and more silence.

Silence to me means more meditation, more visualization. more journaling, more listening, and more focus on the present moment. And more connecting with my soul. 🙏

What’s your word and why? 💫


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