Ever Had A Weird Dream?

I had a weird dream last night…

I dreamt my husband and I went to a home that was in a rural area. He knew the owner and wanted to show me their home and property. I have no idea who the person was, male or female, or how my husband knew them.

Of course I have no further details because that’s how dreams are!

What I do remember very clearly is that something in the back of the house caught my eye… As I walked back there, the yard sloped down into this separately fenced area with scattered trees.

I then observed 2 gorillas slowly walking around, doing what gorillas do, in the fenced area. That makes no sense, right?

All of a sudden I saw my husband run past me and jump into the fenced area WHERE THE GORILLAS WERE!!!! I began screaming for him to stop but then realized what he was doing. He was running to save our dog, Moji, who had somehow gotten out of our car, and into the fenced-in area with the gorillas. (Mind you, Moji wasn’t in my dream until this moment so that was a shocker!)

All I remember is being more worried about my husband’s life than my dog’s and deciding if one had to go, it was the dog. And also thinking that a gorilla would prefer to go head to head with a human over a dog. Plus, my dog is quicker than my husband is these days! 😂

The last thing I “saw” was the gorillas realizing there was a human in their yard and running towards him… Then I woke up!

I’d like to think that my husband survived his battle with the gorillas AND saved our dog, but I think the most important point is that I must love my husband more than my dog which I thought was impossible. Lol!

Dreams are so weird! 🤷‍♀️


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