motivation Jan 20, 2018


“Ego insists on believing that we don’t have enough, others have more, there’s newer and better stuff, we won’t be liked unless we purchase that thing, we lack status, and some designer label will make us will make life better.

This is exact opposite of what your spirit gently whispers, which is: you are complete already, a product of universal abundance, so relax and enjoy life... what you desire will show up with less effort and no anxiety.

The first step in transcending the uninspiring messages that besiege us to buy more is to become aware of what’s going on and realize that we don’t really need anything else in order to be happy. After all, there’s no way to happiness - happiness is the way.

We may need to say this to ourselves over and over until it sinks in:

Nothing can make me happy. Happiness and inspiration or what I bring to life, not what I purchase.”

From “Living an Inspired Life” by Wayne Dyer


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