Grandma Strong

I have an experience I want to share with you. Last night I had a strong feeling come over me. One that has been a long time coming but I think it's here to stay. I have a secret to share and maybe for some of you, it will resonate. For my whole life I haven't felt good about my body. I never felt like It was good enough. I honestly didn't like it when people touched my body because I felt fat. I felt mushy. And I didn't want them feeling my fat.

I'm sure it stems from the fact that I was an overweight teenager, and when I was 13 years old I lost 30 pounds. I think I've always seen myself as fat, even though I'm not.

But until I found Beachbody and started doing their at-home workout programs, I was never really in good shape. I was I guess what you call "skinny fat." I looked pretty good with clothes on, but I was still mushy and I didn't feel good about myself because I wasn't doing the right things to get myself in the proper shape.

I worked out but not consistently. I thought I ate pretty good... But in reality I didn't. I ate ice cream almost every night!

What I was doing was clearly not working. No one knew if I skipped the gym. No one held me accountable. No one cared. So I just sat in a stuck place.

But last night when my husband and I were dancing, and he reached out and stroked my waist, I realized I didn't mind. It struck me like a huge brick! I actually liked it! I didn't push his hand away because I didn't want him to feel my muffin top!

I felt for the first time happy in my own body. I am finally ok with my body. At fifty friggin' seven years old, I am no longer fat in my mind.

I am ‚Ä™#‎grandmastrong‚Ĩ physically AND mentally!!!

8-20-16 Grandma Strong

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