Hanson Makes Us Happy

family laughter Oct 03, 2017

Thought I'd do a little reliving of my Sunday night with my girls...

I hope this little video makes you happy today. It's of poor quality but I want to share it because it so captures the essence of our amazing relationship. <3

I cherish the moments I spend with my two daughters. And now that they are adults with their own lives, these times get rarer - especially times when it's just the 3 of us.

This video shows a few of these cherished moments doing what we love - singing and dancing to Hanson songs.

We love music in general but it's hard to explain what this band has done for our life.

We've traveled to many places to see them (Orlando, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, DC) and for many years - I think our first concert was in '97 so that's 20 years.

Hanson makes us happy. Hanson makes us love music. Hanson brings us together.

My kids used to be "closet" fans. At first they hid their love because being a Hanson fan wasn't cool. But at some point they just decided they didn't care and they went ALL IN, and you know what, I think people admired them for it. And they didn't lose any friends which is the scariest thing for a high school kid - to be judged and made fun of.

They got none of that! They actually found other closet fans who were afraid to be open about their passion for these amazingly talented brothers. And they came together with their shared love.

There's nothing quite like the experience of a Hanson concert and being amongst their fans. We're talking women in their mid-30s who are now married and many with kids of their own who are raising a new generation of Hanson fans.

Heck! Maybe even an older generation because last week, after 20 years of being a fan myself, I became a fan club member!!! 🤣🤣🤣 #gograndma #justtryingtobenotaverage


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