Happy Birthday Nikki Johnson!

aging family health Aug 15, 2017

I became a mom 35 years ago today. I was only 23 years old! 😮 So it's hard to believe I was ever not a mom. 

The picture below does a poor job of showing how incredibly elated I was. Maybe I was a bit tired or a bit scared - probably a bit of both. 

Back then you did not find out the sex in advance and, truth be told, I wanted a little girl so badly. 

It sounds silly because, for your first, you'd think it wouldn't matter. But I so wanted a perfect little girl.... Obviously I knew deep down I'd love whatever came out, but I braced myself for a boy. 

I was over the moon when the doctor said it was a girl. They whisked her away to the neo-natal unit because she was 3 weeks early but I was never worried. I knew she was perfect and I knew my life would never be the same!!!😍

Happy Birthday Nikki Johnson!!!! Thanks for giving me the best job I've ever had! ❤️❤️❤️ And thanks for breaking me in before your sister arrived! 


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