Having a Plan Does Not Always Spell Success

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2019

Most people think success is inevitable once you have a goal and a plan. 

They’ve put that goal, front & center, on their Vision Board, and they are taking action on it. But it’s just not happening!!! 

In fact, it’s been on multiple vision boards and now they feel like a failure because they haven’t been able to achieve it.

Unfortunately they are missing ONE KEY INGREDIENT that will make that goal a reality...

And that is BELIEF!

If most people spent all day working toward a goal but don't believe it will happen, do you really think it will? 

Look at Olympic medalists! Do you think they focused only on the actions towards their goal and didn't believe it could happen? No! In fact, I’ve seen numerous interviews with coaches, trainers, and even players in a variety of sports who said the key to their success was due to adopting the practice of visualization and belief into their training.

If you’re anything like me, switching off that negative nancy mind that reminds you of what you haven’t accomplished is a really, really hard thing to do. You hear that critical voice in your head saying: “You tried that goal setting stuff. It doesn’t work.” Or maybe, “You can’t stick to a plan. You’re a failure!” So your mind starts working AGAINST you instead of FOR you!!!

But once you understand belief is the missing piece of the puzzle, and you make that mind shift, all things are possible!

My favorite all-time story that is rooted in BELIEF is about Rudy. If you haven’t seen the movie by the same name, go watch it! Rudy has 2 goals: to go to Notre Dame and to play football for Notre Dame. He doesn’t have the money nor the grades, and he has dyslexia. But what he does have is BELIEF.

His actions, which include applying to the school 4 times before getting accepted, figuring out a way to get a walk-on spot on the football team, and then working tirelessly to prove himself on the practice squad. He not only graduated from Notre Dame but was able to dress out with the team and participate in the last 3 plays of his last home game.

Another great success story is that of Diana Nyad, who successfully swam, on her 5th attempt, 110 miles from Cuba to Florida. Prior to her 3rd attempt, experts said her positive mental stamina made her a good candidate to succeed. Belief starts with a positive mindset!!! She believed in a positive result and she got it!

I love these examples because they show people who persevered and succeeded at reaching their goal due to belief. Their belief kept them going, not their plan. Their belief kept them focused on their goal, even after failure, not their plan.

So have a goal and create an action plan to execute on it. 

But make sure to develop a mindset of BELIEF that your goal will happen! 

And then your success is absolutely inevitable.

And that’s why I created “The MOJOO Method,” my proven 4 step goal-setting system where step 2 teaches you how to shift to a belief-focused mindset. 

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