How Much Do You Value the Truth?

educational Mar 18, 2016

The truth is extremely important to me. It always has been and always will be. It’s just one of the values I hold in very high regard. If someone lies to me, it will cause irreparable harm to our relationship.

Unfortunately, I was lied to twice over my vacation, and that is why I will never recommend a Royal Caribbean cruise and, in fact, will tell people not to choose them. They did some damage to their brand, and I am sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Lie #1:

We got through the check-in process fairly quickly and were put in a holding room where we were to wait a short time before boarding the ship. The room, which I’d say held about 500 people, filled up but they were not letting anyone board the boat. As we were beginning to wonder what was going on, a voice came through a loud speaker and told us they were experiencing computer problems. They apologized and said they were hoping to resolve the issues quickly.

I’m not sure what they were thinking but the 3,000 people about to board the boat were all Beachbody coaches who run their businesses using social media. So soon after they announced the computer problems, I got a text message from another coach who said: “I know the real reason for the delay… A crew member just tried to commit suicide.”

There were Beachbody coaches who actually witnessed the whole thing. They saw a crew member standing on a life boat threatening to jump onto the concrete below. They saw the police pull him off before he jumped. They TOOK PICTURES!!! That’s what Beachbody coaches do!!! So of course the truth was going to come out very quickly.

I don’t understand why Royal Caribbean couldn’t have said that there was a medical emergency with a crew member. They could have left it a bit vague without out and out lying. They never offered an explanation until everyone was on the boat and gathered for the emergency drill exercise. At that point, the staff member who was coordinating the drill said: “What actually happened is that a crew member tried to commit suicide.”

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! So that means there was no computer problem. That was a complete lie.

Lie #2:

Our first stop was Nassau. We spent the day at port and left around 5p. Two hours after we left port, there was an announcement that a crew member had become ill and we had to turn around and go back to Nassau so he could get medical attention.

We were surprised they didn’t have a way to transport him via helicopter because if it was that serious, it seems that would be the most efficient way to get him help quickly.

The next day, we heard that 70 coaches, who were on an excursion that was not booked through Royal Carribean, had been left in Nassau. So the REAL reason we went back to port was to pick up those 70 coaches. Maybe there was also a sick crew member, but since they lied to us before, I didn’t believe it. AND we found a helicopter landing pad on the boat so there WAS a way to transport a sick person, if necessary, without going back to port.

The boat was awesome, our room was great, the bed was super comfortable, and the staff were all very nice BUT the brand was damaged in a big way by those 2 lies. I will not give my money to a company that does not tell the truth. I do not want to go on a vacation and feel that if something happened, the truth would be hidden.

I don’t know why the truth is so hard. Just one small lie can change everything. Lies damage relationships and cause a loss of trust. And now I have no trust for Royal Caribbean.

If there’s anything I want people to know about me, it’s that I hold the truth in very high regard. And I will never lie.

 Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable

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