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How Will You Choose to Remember 2016?

motivation Jan 26, 2017

Here we are... Another year has passed... What have you done with it? What progress have you made? What highlights stand out?

Being a glass is 3/4 full type person, I like to think about all of the GOOD from the year as its final curtain is drawn. It's kind of like the play of your life. Another chapter that is finished, another act that complete, another set of memories to bank.

I know some people have had a tough year. I get that! But I also know that you have the power to look at all of the positives of the last 366 days and have them lift you up or you can look at the negatives and have them drag you down.

How will you choose to look back on 2016? You have the power to put a positive spin on it. Try to do that and see how it feels! I bet it will be AMAZING!!!

I read a message yesterday from one of the leaders I look up to at Beachbody. His name is Jeff Hill and here are some snippets of his note:

"I am ending the year older, more grey hair, more wrinkles or "fine lines" as I like to call them, :) I haven't achieved all my goals that I committed to and made with Carl Daikeler at the beginning of the year. 

I have worked as hard or harder than I have ever worked, I've worried more, tried to work smarter, have had real family and life stuff to contend with, honestly haven't made any more money than I made last year...

Am I disappointed? Perhaps a bit, but when I put the whole in context... what I've learned, how I've grown, consider the people who have touched my life and the lives I hopefully have had the honor of impacting, the principles and values we have tried to adhere to... 

my resolve deepens to do and be better and to learn from what I just went through. As a whole, despite some backward steps... I am so far ahead.

I love the concept of, "there's no future in the past, look back to learn and then go create the future."

I was going to write something like this today but Jeff did it so much better... And I couldn't agree with him more!!!

Happy last day of 2016!!! Make it a beautiful one! <3#itsawrap


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