I friggin' did it!

midlife motivation Oct 28, 2019

I friggin' just took action on the 2nd scariest thing I've ever done in my entire 60 years on Earth!!!

I had SO.MUCH.FEAR about this but I did it anyway! 💪

You want to know why?

Because on the other side of fear is growth, adventure and magic! ALWAYS!!!

I took this scary action because the desire to do it was coming from my heart.... It was an inner voice thing, from deep inside of me. It's hard to explain but it just felt good - even though it scared the s*** out of me!

Being scared doesn't mean it's not right. Fear comes from doing something that you've never done before and usually what your conscious brain (ego) is trying to convince you not to do because it feels unsafe.

You see, your brain tries to keep you in your comfort zone because doing something that you've not done before, and which has a lot of fuzziness around it, does not fall into the safe category according to your logical brain.

I KNOW THIS because I teach it; however, that doesn't mean it comes any easier to me when I apply it!

But since I am the teacher, I must lead by example!

I know with all of my being, that this is the right thing, but I've still been hesitating and stalling for way too long.

So today I announce to you, my Facebook friend, that I am now officially ALL IN on this crazy life of an entrepreneur,

Yep!!! She who always compared herself to those CEOs she worked for, thinking she didn't have what it takes, is now a FULL TIME CEO of her own friggin' company!!!

Last Thursday I said goodbye to that 6 figure salary that I've been so attached to, like Gollum clinging onto the ring!! It had its spell on me, like I couldn't let it go!!! But I channeled my inner Frodo and did what is best for me and Earth (not just the Middle!).

So I am following my purpose with faith. I am passing the biggest message of belief to my subconscious. And I know all will be fine.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers and don't need a corporate job to support them while they build their business, They go ALL IN because they believe so deeply in their mission and failure is not an option.

So today I did not report to my corporate job. Instead, I met with my team of 3 and went over this week's priorities. We have important work to do!!! More important & impactful than that job I just quit!

I have entered the arena. I am here to play BIG. No more clinging to what doesn't serve me or the people who need my help...

To be perfectly honest, I made this decision much more difficult than it needed to be.. because I was letting my head lead.

The brain is very convincing and it can easily overpower the heart if we let it. I know I've spent way too much of my life listening to logic instead of my heart.

But fortunately, older means wiser! I've learned from past wrong turns, and it is because of those experiences and the amazing training I've gotten over the past 12 months that I'm at this incredible place.

I've never felt so light and free and limitless. And sure. ❤️

In case you're wondering what my #1 scariest action was... well just click on the following link to read my recent post about it: 

Click here to read my Facebook post!

What's crazy is that it happened 13 years TO THE DAY of this one. Seems like fate, yeah? No wonder I love October! 🍁


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