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I'm Super Excited About My Course!

motivation Dec 02, 2017

I'm SUPER EXCITED about my course!!!

It's funny... I thought I'd be a teacher like my parents and sister. I was working on a degree in Education and had a chance to be a permanent substitute teacher for 7th graders for a whole grading period. By the end of the 9 weeks, I knew teaching wasn't for me. 😨

Instead I got into computers but it so happened that I began to create courses and train people (adults!) on the technology products I worked on. So in a way, I did become a teacher...
And now I have my own virtual course that I know will help a lot of people!!!

Anyone have a similar experience where you didn't do what you thought you were supposed to but ended up there anyway?

#fate #itsinthegenes #weareallstudents #andweareallteachers


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