I Want to Share a Passage in a Book I'm Reading.

motivation Dec 02, 2017

I want to share a passage in a book I’m reading that really struck me last night…

Let me first give a little background on the point. It speaks of the fact that our true spirit we were born with came into this world with an endless supply of talents.

But once we became human form, limits in our talents and abilities were developed by our conscious mind.

The author, Wayne Dyer, asks that you “become aware that anything that excites us is a clue that we have the ability to pursue it. Anything that truly intrigues us is evidence of a divine (albeit latent) talent that signaling our awareness.

Having an interest in something is the clue to a thought that’s connected to our calling - that thought is a vibration of energy in this vast universe. If something really appeals to us and we feel excited but perceive ourselves as devoid of the talent we think is necessary, it’s probably an even higher vibration.

If we react to this message with anything other than “You’re correct — I can do this! I have the ability to do it,“ then we’ve selected the vibration of resistance and ignored the vibration of excitement and interest that spoke to us.

How could it be any other way? We wouldn’t think of things that are interesting and exciting to us if we didn’t have the inherent ability to act on these thoughts, especially since were a portion of the all-creating, all-capable, all-wise force. Just the fact that we’re interested and excited about doing something is all the evidence we need -- this is inspiration right in front of us, begging us to pay attention to the feeling.

Therefore, we need to change our awareness in order to take note of our stimulation, rather than of the opinions of others. We need to ignore the scores on some standardized test, or worse yet, our own inventory of past experiences that let us to conclude that were untalented and incapable.

Our thoughts about who we are, what excites us, and what we feel called to be and do are all divinely inspired and come with whatever guidance and assistance will need to actualize these goals. The decision at this point is: are we willing to listen to these divine thoughts that pique our interest, or do we go on listening to the false self...” (which is made up in your conscious mind) 😱

Makes you think, doesn’t it?!!!

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