If you're going through a tough time this holiday season, read this...

Today I want to take a moment to give a shout out, along with a virtual hug 🤗, to those who are going through a life transition this holiday season...

It was in early November when my ex husband and I separated many years ago, and I faced my first Thanksgiving as a mom away from my kids. Even though they were grown, it was the most difficult holiday of my life.

Since I was going to be alone, I did what many would do in tough times - I hopped on a plane to my parents house! At age 47!!!

In hindsight, it was the holiday I will be forever thankful for because had it not been for my separation, I would not have spent it with my parents as it turned out to be the last Thanksgiving my dad spent here on Earth. He died unexpectedly, the following June.

But it's also a memorable holiday because, although I spent that Thanksgiving without my kids, I finally chose to face my fears and take the necessary action that would bring me closer to the future I desired.

Yes it was the most painful period of my life, but in the process, I became a better person.

If I hadn't experienced that first holiday without my children, I wouldn't have such empathy for those who are apart from loved ones during the holidays and going through their own rough season in life.

I also wouldn't have such deep appreciation for the moments I get to spend with my kids, whether or not it's a holiday.

Adult children of divorced parents are particularly challenged during the holiday season because they are pulled in different directions as their family multiplies with step parents and in-laws.

So I've chosen to not make being with my girls on holidays a big deal. If I see them, I feel super grateful, but if I don't, we talk on the phone and I am totally ok with that. I am thankful for who I can be with and that we have a drama-free family!

So if you are going through a tough time this holiday season, know that this too shall pass. And you will be better for it. Focus on the good in your life no matter how small it may seem right now. And trust that brighter and more beautiful days are ahead.

Know that you are receiving the gift of a new perspective that you will one day look back on & be thankful for.


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