Is Your Water Dirty of Clear?

educational motivation Jan 26, 2017

"You're mind is like an empty glass; it'll hold anything you put into it. You put in sensational news, salacious headlines, talk-show rants, and you're pouring dirty water into your glass. 

If you've got dark, dismal, worrisome water in your glass, everything you create will be filtered through that muddy mess because that's what you'll be thinking about. Garbage in, garbage out. All that drive-time radio yak about murders, conspiracy, deaths, economy, and political battles drives your thinking process, which drives your expectations, which drives your creative output.

That IS bad news. But just like a dirty glass, if you flush it with clean, clear water under the faucet long enough, eventually you'll end up with a glass of pure, clear water.

What is that clear water?

Positive, inspirational, and supportive input and ideas. Stories of aspiration, people who, despite challenges, are overcoming obstacles and achieving great things. Strategies of success, prosperity, health, love, and joy. Ideas to create more abundance, to grow, expand, and become more. Examples and stories of what's good, right, and possible in the world." --Darren Hardy in The Compound Effect

Read something inspirational and instructional for 30 minutes in the morning & the evening. Play personal development CDs or podcasts while driving your car. Flush your glass and feed your mind. This will give you an edge over the guy who gets up and reads the newspaper first thing, listens to news radio on his way to work and watches the evening news when he gets home.

Flush out the negative (dirty water) with positive, inspirational, and supportive ideas (clean water) and watch your attitude & life change. <3


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