Let's Change Your Perspective About Mondays!


Let’s be honest… If Mondays make up 1/7th of our entire life, we should start being more serious about how we spend them.

I used to HATE Mondays. They stole my joy because they were the beginning of a new week of doing work that did not light me up.

In fact Mondays sucked the life right out of me.

I changed all that a year ago when I went ALL IN on what I discovered to be my purpose and now I LOVE Mondays, especially bc my commute is to walk across my family room and into my office where I do the work that lights me up - helping women over 50 find THEIR purpose... I even recreated it in this video!

Now my mission to help people love their Mondays - and every other day of the week!!!

I spent far too long devoid of passionate work, growing more miserable with every Monday. Looking back, it makes me so sad that I spent so many Mondays in that stuck place and that memory drives me hard.

So if you're anything like the old me, here’s to starting this work week with a glimmer of hope that there IS a better way and it's out there for you. Happy Mondays are ahead if you are open to the discovery process that comes with the work of finding your purpose...

This week, my top priority is working on TWO new trainings - one just for my students and another that will be for ANYONE who wants to know how to IGNITE the spark of their second half soul!

Stay tuned! The sparks start flying in January!!! 💥


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