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motivation Jan 12, 2018

Love this! 💕💕💕

"Those who have the gift of inspiration exude something that’s difficult to pin down intellectually, yet is undeniably recognizable in how we feel in their presence: we can sense that they are aligned with the source energy from which we all originate.

We perceive a place within them that resonates deeply within ourselves-a vibrational recognition of inspiration-and they have much to offer us. We recognize their high spiritual energy, which longs to be active in our life. When we feel this resonance, it’s reflected in a feeling that’s similar to a warm, soothing shower that’s running deep within us.

Those who inspire consistently have an aura of joy that permeates their being and radiates outward, impacting those around them.

We can use this “joy index” as a non-scientific a measure of inspiration. When we meet others who we think might be living in spirit, we must ask the following questions:

✳️ Do they seem to have a rapturous heart, sending out signals that they love the world and everyone in it? 
✳️ Are they jubilant about the work they do? 
✳️ Do they see the world as a friendly place? 
✳️ Are they at peace with themselves? 
✳️ Do they appear to be kind rather than judgmental? 
✳️ Are they confident without being boorish? 
✳️ Do they tend to be cheerful? 
✳️ Do they love to play? 
✳️ Are they elated to be in the company of young children as well as older people? 
✳️ Do they listen rather than lecture? 
✳️ Are they willing to be students as well as teachers? 
✳️ Do they love nature? 
✳️ Are they in awe of the world? 
✳️ Do they express rational humility? 
✳️ Are they approachable? 
✳️ Do they take great pleasure in serving others? 
✳️ Do they seem to have tamed their ego? 
✳️ Do they except all people as equals? 
✳️ Are they open to new ideas?

The answers to these questions will help us ascertain whether another person is potentially an inspiring influence in our life."

--from Wayne Dyer in "Living an Inspired Life"


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