Make a Decision and Change Your Life!

motivational Oct 10, 2015

It’s funny how your mind can want things but until you actually make A DECISION to do them, it won’t happen. They will just continue to sit in your mind as thoughts unless you TAKE ACTION. Just thinking about them and wanting them will not change anything. I’ve been particularly inspired recently by Tony Robbins. I’ve been reading and listening to his books and DVD programs, in preparation for one of his conferences I’ll be attending later this month. Tony is all about mindset and training the mind to think differently. He teaches specific techniques to help you shift your mindset.

Yesterday’s assignment was to take TWO actions immediately that will move you towards the success you want - actions that you’ve been avoiding or procrastinating.

So last night, my first action was to set my alarm for 6am. My alarm has not been set, except in the rare case of an early appointment, since I left the corporate world on 6/30/15. I’ve always been a “morning person” and always feel so productive when I get up early in the day so this is something I’ve wanted to do but just haven’t acted on it. So today I did it!

My second action was to spend 15 minutes in meditation. Again, something I’ve wanted to do but just haven’t taken action. The meditation consists of 3 parts: the first 5 minutes is a focus on breathing and specific movements of the fingers in coordination with the breathing; the next 5 minutes is thinking of all you are grateful for; and the last is visualizing what you want and speaking affirmations.

And I also took a third action and that was to take a shower. I must say I’ve gotten a bit lazy in that department, especially if I’m not going anywhere. I have been saving on shampoo and conditioner, but honestly, I feel better after I take a shower, and getting it done early means a great start to my day.

So I thank Tony Robbins for inspiring and motivating me. I’m going to try this new schedule for 30 days. Tony says it will become 2nd nature by then.

And isn’t it perfect a new month has just begun! I love new months – a time to set new goals and plot out the steps to achieve them. And now every morning I’ll have dedicated time to visualize them!!!

Every positive change begins with a decision


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