Make Progress! Make Memories!

motivation Nov 20, 2017

7 1/2 weeks left in the year!!! What do you have planned in the remaining time you have?

You won’t get this time back. Make progress! Make memories! Make this time high in value!

Tell me what’s on your list...

For me, I am:

­čö╣Losing 10 pounds
­čö╣Going to a friend’s 60th birthday party
­čö╣Going to the UVA/Va Tech football game
­čö╣Spending 3 days in NY with daughter Kori
­čö╣Going to the Christmas Hanson concert 
­čö╣Going to see Book of Mormon on Broadway
­čö╣Going to Asheville to see family
­čö╣Spending time with my children & grandchildren


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