Makeup - Yes or No?

aging health laughter May 07, 2015

I've always been someone who has felt I needed makeup to enhance my looks. Call it a crutch perhaps but I would actually turn around and come home to put it on if I'd forgotten it. Lately I'm wearing it less. And my husband likes me without it which reinforces that it's my own issue. The funny thing is most people probably don't even know if I'm wearing it!!! Except the ones that are self conscious like me!!!

One thing I'm learning as I get older and am surrounded by positive, uplifting people is that what truly matters is on the inside. And the people that you should surround yourself with will look at your soul, not at the fancy decorations that cover it.

So yesterday AND today I've bared my soul and done without all those bells and whistles! Feels kind of freeing!

Are you a make up or non-make up person?

Here's me off to work without makeup.... (play scary music please!):

No makeup pic

(Full Disclosure: I did have on foundation and some eyebrow pencil. Baby steps people!!!)


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