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aging health Feb 01, 2016

I like to pass along information I find interesting & potentially valuable and this falls into that category... You probably don't know this but I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome when I was 28 years old. I remember going on a business trip to Buffalo and feeling horrible. I went to the doctor right before I left but continued with the trip anyway.

To top it off, there was a snowstorm and all I had with me was high heels. (There was no to check in those days!) Then I got the call from the doctor's office. I had strep throat! Ugh!

So I had to trudge in my heels in a foot of snow to the drugstore across the street from the hotel to get my prescription. I don't remember much more about that trip except that after I got home, I continued to feel awful so I went back to the doctor.

The tests indicated I had mono - for the 3rd time in less than 10 years. As with the other two times, the case seemed fairly mild. Only this time, I didn't get my energy back. I was so tired all the time. My joints ached. It hurt to go up & down the stairs. I couldn't work a whole day and had to come home early from my job. It was so out of character for me. It was awful.

And I remember feeling like people didn't believe me. That I was making it up. I mean, I looked normal. Why couldn't I just stop complaining... Get over it Laurie!

Reading this article, brought it all back... (See link to article below.) I remember feeling powerless and like I would never get back to normal. I remember crying because no one understood.

But I was one of the lucky few. My next door neighbor worked in the health care field and she recommended a specialist to me. He was actually an infectious disease specialist. At my first appointment. he validated my sickness and he gave me a name for it: chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

He gave me lots of articles and information about it, and he gave me a treatment plan which I didn't hesitate to commit to. I would've tried anything at that point.

I signed up for a series of gamma globulin shots. He said they don't work for everyone, but I had a good chance of them working since I had had a recent positive mono test. Many people come down with CFS but many years after their bout with mono.

The shots were like magic. I think I was back to normal after 2 or 3 shots. I continued the shots for 6 months and was eventually able to stop them.

I feel so fortunate. It was only by having a conversation with my neighbor over the fence in my backyard that my life was saved. I don't know where I'd be today if I didn't see that doctor and take those shots.

I know my daughters would have definitely had a different upbringing with a sick mom.

That time was almost forgotten by me because it was so long ago and I am so healthy now. But this article brought it all back in vivid detail.

I know there are a lot of people suffering with these diseases. But I also feel strongly that there are solutions. It's just a matter of finding them. If this article and book can help in any way, it is my duty to pass it along.

For those of you suffering, I know it's real and I know how awful it is to have no one understand. My heart breaks for you. ‪#‎beenthere‬ ‪#‎iunderstand‬

Medical Mysteries


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