The Menopause Myth

Thinking menopause is the main reason for the sad shape you are in is one of the worst midlife mindsets you can have. I know this because I used to have that mindset! 

So many women think that way because when we are struggling with weight gain or lack of energy, we need an excuse. And that mindset is compounded when we get around like-minded peers who buy into this belief, which further validates to us that menopause is the culprit!!!

But will an excuse get you to a better mindset and ultimately the solution you need? Not at all! 

Whether your excuse is time, money, OR menopause, none of them will help you get into those old size 8 jeans folded at the bottom of your drawer or give you the energy you need to go on all of the fun rides with your grandchildren at Disney World. 

Is every menopausal woman out of shape and overweight? Heck no!!! I can name several who look amazing: Jane Fonda at 80, Sandra Bullock at 54, Christie Brinkley at 64, Diane Keaton at 72, and Kim Cattrall at 62.

You might be thinking “Well they are all celebrities and I’m not a celebrity!” Well I’m not a celebrity either, yet I was able to conquer the menopause myth and get in the best shape of my life at age 55!!! (Those are my Front & Back AFTER pictures in the photo above!) Shocker I know! I couldn’t believe it either!

All it took was a little exercise, a few simple tweaks to what & how I ate, and a commitment to do something different than what I’d been doing. Now I have a closet full of skinny jeans AND I’m keeping up with my grandkids just fine!!! In fact, I recently took them to a trampoline park where I showed them how to do a front flip!

Now that you know menopause is just a poor excuse to stay stuck, what are you going to do differently?



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