My Best Advice - See a Chiropractor!

aging health Feb 11, 2016

If you are not feeling 100%, my best advice to you is to go see a chiropractor ASAP!!! That is one thing I wish I would have figured out earlier in life. A chiropractor would have saved me a few aches and pains and definitely some dollars! I consider my chiropractor my HEALTH HERO. I had no clue about chiropractic medicine and how the foundational structure of your body can easily be compromised, especially if you have a weak area that you subconsciously favor.

For people like me who work out a lot, misalignment of the foundational structure can wreak havoc. These misalignments can cause not only back and neck pain but also a host of other symptoms throughout the body.

This is because the spinal cord and nerves conduct sensation and movement signals from the brain to other areas of the body. Any interruption to the proper processing of these nerve signals can cause pain, loss of function, organ dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and other health problems. Spinal and extremity misalignments often put undue strain and pressure on nerves, causing these signals to misfire and creating pain.

Skillful, precise manual adjustment to the extremities and spinal column are designed to address misalignments among the bones in the skeletal system, including the vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

Spinal and extremity misalignments can stem from a variety of causes. Sports injuries or auto accident injuries often result in bulging discs and pinched nerves due to a sudden impact on the body. Repetitive strain injuries from many years of poor posture in the workplace can encourage spinal and extremity misalignments, muscle strains and/or nerve impingement; carpal tunnel syndrome and recurring headache symptoms are two common results. Some people are even born with skeletal misalignments and never realize it until they seek chiropractic treatment for headaches, joint deterioration, sciatica or other conditions later life.

For me, my pain originally appeared on my left side. At the time I was running, and the pain got so bad I was visibly limping after a run. So I did what most people would probably do, I made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who took xrays, said everything looked fine, and scheduled me for physical therapy.

While the physical therapy relieved my symptoms somewhat, it was only temporary and did not get to the root of what was causing the problem. It was what I call reactive treatment instead of proactive treatment.

I can only thank my lucky stars that I met my chiropractor in the serendipitous way the universe works and who diagnosed my issue even before I made an appointment! She helped me understand what was happening, treated me swiftly, and in a few short weeks, all my pain was gone!

I remember the day clearly. We were both on the sidelines watching a rugby game. Her husband and my boyfriend (now husband) played rugby together. They had been friends for years, but I was new on the scene and was getting to know them. I was in a lot of pain and mumbled about it as I was walking along the sideline. She took notice and informed me right there that I was clearly misaligned. She said she could tell that one side of my body was higher than the other. (Picture yourself with one foot standing in a high heel & the other in a flat shoe.)

Until I met my chiropractor, no one had ever explained to me what was causing this pain. What I found out is that I’ve basically been screwed up since I was 16!!! At that age, I had a skiing injury and subsequent surgery to repair a torn medial collateral ligament. Once you are done with surgery and the resulting therapy, you think you are good to go. All healed!

Maybe that’s true for some, but for me, my subconscious went about its business of protecting that knee. And that protection caused a structural imbalance to my frame. So that imbalance finally showed up as hip pain. And I did what most people think to do, called an orthopedic doctor.

I had never been to a chiropractor. I didn’t know a thing about body structure and imbalance and how muscles and nerves are so intertwined. My issue had NOTHING to do with my bones. And everything to do with my nerves sending the wrong signals to my muscles because my body was out of whack.

On my first visit, she took an x-ray of me standing up. A couple of months prior my orthopedic doctor had taken an x-ray of me lying down. He was only looking at bone integrity. She was looking at structural integrity.

I’m blogging about this today because I recently started having some pain down my left side, particularly noticeable on the outside of my left knee. My first thought was that it might be arthritis. I mean, I am getting older and this body has a bit of wear & tear. But then I realized, it may be because I’m out of alignment. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor for quite awhile so I made an appointment.

After just 1 visit, it was amazing how much better I felt. And it was evident by the strength test she did on me. When I first arrived, my right leg could push hard against her hand but my left leg was very weak. After the adjustment, there was marked improvement with the strength of my left leg!

I’ve come to realize that my body will not stay aligned. No matter how hard I try, my subconscious will still try to protect my surgically repaired left knee. So I have committed to a monthly visit to my chiropractor. No more waiting until all signs painfully indicate I’m out of whack! It’s time for me to apply proactive health care and stay pain-free!

If you have any lingering aches & pains, I highly recommend you find a chiropractor and go in for a consultation. It could make a huge difference in how you feel.

Here are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing if you are out of alignment:

Here are some ways you can tell that you may be out of alignment:

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