My Eyebrow Adventure

aging health Nov 11, 2014

My eyebrow adventure began quite by accident. I came upon this idea after a woman walked into the salon where I was getting my hair done to get a 2nd opinion on her new tattoos. REALLY?!! You can tattoo your eyebrows?!! I had heard of having eyeliner tattoos but it never dawned on me that there might be an answer to my eyebrow-challenged life! Maybe I was living in a cave because, since then, several people have told me they’ve done it. Wow! I would have never known. And of course they have eyebrows to die for!

Some people might think it’s vain to get your eyebrows tattooed, but my feeling on the subject is that if it makes you feel better about yourself, then why not? For me, it’s also about saving time & money. No more spending 5 minutes applying eyebrow pencil and then another 5 minutes re-applying it because I didn’t get it on right. (This happens a lot when you have crooked eyebrows!) And no more money spent on Lancôme eyebrow pencil! There might even be some benefits, like maybe it will take attention off of my wrinkles.

I let the idea of having uncrooked eyebrows sit with me a bit. But honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then, at my next hair appointment, I began the process. It started with a bunch of questions aimed at my eyebrow-perfect hair stylist. I couldn’t find any reason not to do it (except fear!). When I left my hair appointment, instead of turning toward my car, I turned toward the tattoo place next door, met the tattoo artist, who I might add is crazy-talented, and made an appointment.

Step 1 is now complete. That was the ink test and so far I think I’ve passed. My foot is still attached – no redness or swelling. And I have a pretty little beauty mark on my inside left ankle. (See picture below) All systems are a go. If I don’t chicken out…

Stay tuned…. I’ll post Before & After shots.

Would you get your eyebrows fixed if they were crooked?



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