Once My Alarm Went Off, I was Out of Bed and On My Feet

motivation Sep 09, 2017

This morning I set my alarm for 5:30a after going to bed around 12:30a. I had to get up that early in order to get my workout in and get my meals packed for the day.

I knew I would not want to get up so I decided I was going to apply the 5 Second Rule. Have you heard of the 5 Second Rule? (And it's not about picking up food after you've dropped it on the floor!!!)

It's a great technique I learned from Mel Robbins. If you haven't seen her TED Talk "How to stop screwing yourself," google it and watch it! It's awesome!!!

Once my alarm went off, I was out of bed and on my feet before 5 seconds was up. If I waited longer, my brain would've talked me into sleeping "just a few" more minutes.... I know because it happened twice last week. :o

I got up, went into the kitchen, made & drank my pre-workout drink, got my shoes on and THEN GOT IT DONE. (Hint: Sleep in your workout clothes to make it easier!!!)

That was the hardest part - the first few minutes going from bed to kitchen... By the time my shoes were on, I was ready to roll.

Below is a brief highlight of my first attempt at the Speed:45 workout. I normally hate anything longer than 30 minutes but this 45 minutes went fast & it was actually fun. But I will admit, I'm happy I only have one week of these longer workouts!!! :D


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