Patience Makes Perfect!

motivation Jan 26, 2017

Sometimes patience is worth it!!!

We moved into our house in March 2013. I wanted urns for our front porch. I looked for awhile but couldn't find anything that a) I liked and b) was sturdy enough it wouldn't blow over if we had a strong windstorm. 

Last Christmas my husband found these. But they've sat empty for a year. 

And then last month Wegman's had their grand opening. I knew it the minute I saw them!!!! Little blue spruce trees! Just like the one my dad planted in our front yard of our house. 

They fit perfectly and they also were perfect for some outside Christmas lights. (We're not big on outside decorations!)

I love it when a dream becomes a reality. The front porch that I envisioned is finally here!!! And it makes me smile every time I look at it! #adreamcometrue#myperfecturns


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