Rugby is in Our Blood

family motivation Aug 15, 2017

There are some things that are just so much a part of your life... they have made you who you are. This is the game of rugby for me and my hubby. 

Him as a player and me as a fan of men who play rugby. I don't know what it is about rugby players but I find them to be of a unique breed of man. 

Sexy. Strong. Friendly. Loyal. Fun. 

Such great qualities! Such great people!!!

My high school had a rugby team so it's been in my life since the mid 70s - a loooong time! I think I chose my college based on the number of cute rugby guys that were going there! Shows where my priorities were!!!!

I first laid eyes on my husband on the rugby field. I remember that moment so clearly. And that moment changed our lives forever. 

So here we are once again... Player and fan. He's with his buddies again. He's playing in an over 60s division. He's in his element. 

Who would have thought we'd still be here 40 years later?!!! 😮😍💪 #rugbyisinourblood


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