Small Moments of Gratefulness & Happiness

I had to stop and take a picture on my walk today to share the beauty of my surroundings with you...

It’s the calm before the storm as 2 days of snow are in the forecast so I had to get out and enjoy a 60 degree day in February!!!

Then as I was taking this selfie, I did a double take at how friggin’ long my hair is! It hasn’t been this long in quite some time...

And I realized in that moment that I feel beautiful.

As my 62nd birthday approaches, I have to say I am feeling as vibrant and beautiful as I’ve ever felt.

On one hand I can’t believe I’m so old, but on the other, I’m ok with it because I feel I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

Happy in my skin, happy with who I share my life with, happy with where I live, happy with what I do, and happy with the life I’ve lived.

I still feel I have much to do, but I am relishing in who I have become after 6 decades. 💫


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