The 5 Most Effective Actions To Take To Reach A BIG Goal!

Today I'm celebrating a HUGE ONE YEAR GOAL that I set back in October...

I'm still on Cloud 9 from the experience, and I'm so proud of myself by the mere fact I even set it as a goal, then went after it and ACHIEVED IT!

My goal was be interviewed by my favorite podcaster, James Wedmore, for his podcast "Mind Your Business!" And I did it with almost half of the year left to go!!! (As of this writing, the episode has not aired yet. Once it airs, I'll update this post with a link to the recording.)

What makes this achievement even more surreal is that, even though I set this goal for real 7 months ago, it's been something I've wanted to do since I first started listening to James' podcast over 2 years ago!

Before I get into the specific actions I took to reach this big goal, it's important to add a little perspective...

A big goal like this is typically preceded by a lot of other little goals that need to happen first. So when I set it back in the fall, I knew there were a number of stepping stones to cross first.

And I knew this goal was an opportunity I had to EARN! But I was ready to get to work on it because when you have a big goal you really want, you are willing to put forth the effort to make it happen.

One more thing I want you to know is that my story of hitting a goal I've dreamed about for a long time could be anyone's story. Anyone can set and achieve big goals. 

So I thought I'd use this week's blog post to share the actions I took to accomplish this goal and how you can use them to get to work on what you want!


When you have a thought that lights you up inside, stop and take time to think about why. It's likely something you should pursue. Ideas that light you up come from your inner voice which is saying: "Go for it!" 

Soon after I began listening to James, I began to envision my future self being interviewed and sharing my entrepreneurial journey on his podcast. I'd often go over our back and forth conversation in my head.

So one day, I decided to make it a goal.

And because it's a goal that excited me, I was more than willing to do the work to make it happen!


Know that what you want IS possible.

Forget about your past and what you haven't done or what skills you lack (or think you lack!). Erase your mental slate of old beliefs and tell yourself that you can do ANYTHING. 

Putting your goal into a vision like I did will feed your subconscious the belief that it's real, even if it hasn't happened yet! Having a mental picture really works!!!

So even if you think it's weird, close your eyes at least once a day and see that goal in your head as if it were true. Pretend you are an outside observer looking down on your future self and picture yourself having reached that big goal.

What are you doing? How are you feeling? 

If you do this daily, belief will set in and that dream WILL become a reality!


Be the project manager of your life by putting together a plan for the goals you desire. This will help you see that a big goal is simply a series of action steps you need to take in a particular order.

Set up milestones along the way to give you confidence that you ARE making progress. Long term goals can seem so far away so setting progress markers along the way are key to staying the course and moving forward.

And make sure your goals can be measured. Just like a map has mile markers that tell you when you get to your destination, you need your own goal markers that tell you how far you've come and how much further you have to go. 

For my goal to be achieved, I had to have a clear roadmap with several goal markers so I created a 90 day action plan. Those goal markers, or milestones, were all a part of that plan. 

At the end of the first 90 days, I created my next 90 day action plan. And the progress I've made as a result of these 90 day "roadmaps" has been nothing short of incredible.


Once you have your roadmap, it's all about execution. You can't sit around and hope all your dreams will come true just because you are doing the belief work.

You need to GET TO WORK!

But let me be perfectly clear... It's not about burning the candle at both ends or working until you're exhausted. It's about being super focused and drilled in on those action items that are MOST IMPORTANT and are in support of your goals.

Don't waste your time & energy on the priorities of other people! Focus on the goal markers and the activities that will get you to the next marker!!!

When you do that, even if you are doing this activity late at night or in the morning before the rooster crows, you won't feel like you are working because you'll be so excited you're getting closer and closer to your dreams.


Tell anyone and everyone who you know about your goals! Don't be shy and definitely don't hide them. Step into your truth and share with the world what it is you are going to do!

Forget judgment. Because the only people who judge you in a negative way, are the people who wish they could be like you. And the people who judge you in a positive way? Know that you are an inspiration to them! They are your "tribe."

Forget about being a little uncomfortable. Because you've heard that magic happens outside of  your comfort zone, right? When you feel fear about sharing your goal, just think about how comfortable you will be when you are living that dream of yours!!! 

If you get resistance from your circle of friends, you need to find a better group of friends who will support your dreams. Friends want friends to succeed. You'll know if you have the right kind of friends because they'll be as excited as you about your goals and will hold you accountable to doing the work.

In fact, I have a whole new set of friends who I've met through James. The support I've received from them over the past few months as I've been pushing forward on my goals has been and continues to be AMAZING!

And the crazy thing about sharing your goals openly is that the more you talk about them, the more your belief system kicks in... and the more committed you become to not giving up and not taking a wrong turn on your roadmap.

Being vocal about what you want helps to make your dreams come true!

So if you've been stalled on a goal you've wanted for awhile, it's GO TIME!!!

You know what you need to do so start getting excited... 🙌🙌🙌


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